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I’m publishing a serialized work with Kindle Vella under the name Vi Va. It’s called The Synner and Her Saints and is younger with a more futuristic, suspenseful vibe than my full-length books. However, if you like how I write, I think you’ll enjoy this story too. You can find it here: https://amzn.to/3R4D2W6

Here’s the blurb:

It’s 2070. Information outnumbers grains of sand. If you want to find anything, you hire a librarian. World-famous Jessalyn Synner is the best. At 19, she was recruited by the elite Central Library, the youngest person to hold this honor. Three years later she’s got life all figured out until her mysterious high school classmate Ben Saint–and his two best friends–walk back into it. It takes three Saints to teach a Synner there’s more to life than work and more to friendship than meets the eye.

BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love

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FIRE AND ICE. What happens when you meet the right person, at the wrong time?

PaperbackCoverLONDON_Landscape_1.5spacingDanish real estate scion, Soren Lund, has never been a risk-taker. MBA school was simply the next step on his path as heir apparent. When he gets into the best business school in Europe, he goes, despite the fact that it’s in passionate, unpredictable Barcelona. All is going according to plan – until a fiery Californian shoots into his life like a comet, knocking him off course.

Spitfire Angela Holguín lives her life amassing stories for her future rocking chair days.</b> When the opportunity to be an exchange student for a semester in exciting Barcelona comes around, she jumps at the chance. Her goal: a grand romance. She sets her sights on the brooding Dane, but Mr. Buttoned-Up misses his chance when a dashing Scot swoops in.

A year later, the Scot invites Angela to visit him in London where he’s doing his summer internship. Looking for some inspiration for the children’s book she’s now writing, she happily agrees. The cosmic twist? Soren is there too, and this time, he’ll do anything to win her over.


BECKONED, Part 2: From Bath with Love

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Can fire and ice both survive?PaperbackCoverBATH_Landscape1.5spacing

Fire and ice have nothing on Angela Holguín and fellow MBA student Soren Lund. When they first met at school in the exciting seaside city of Barcelona, Angela was intrigued by the aloof Dane; he was enthralled by the vivacious Californian. But their timing was off and they went their separate ways, until destiny put them back in the same city: London.

In the British capital, Angela and Soren not only reunite, their desire ignites. This time they are determined not to let love slip through their fingers. They tumble into each other’s arms and embark upon a passionate journey that takes them from the chic, bustling streets of London to the romantic, historic byways of Bath and back again. It is there, at their final destination, that Angela and Soren must face reality.  While opposites attract, they might not be able to coexist. In the next three days, they will have to decide if what they have is truly love or simply the beckoning of desire.


BECKONED, Part 3: From Los Angeles with Love

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And then there were three…PaperbackCoverLOSANGELES_Landscape1.5spacing

Fire and ice have nothing on Angela Holguín and Soren Lund who first met as MBA students in exciting Barcelona. But their timing was off, until Destiny put them back in the same city: London; and their passion ignited.

But will their fledgling romance stand a chance against the forces of Time and Space with Soren in Barcelona and Angela in Los Angeles? And a new threat also looms on the horizon: a mysterious and handsome entrepreneur interested in Angela’s new business …or is he? Angela beckons Soren to spend the holidays with her in Los Angeles, but when he makes her a beguiling offer, their relationship will be put to the test.


BECKONED, Part 4: From Barcelona with Love

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It was never going to be easy.PaperbackCoverBARCELONA_Landscape1.5spacing.jpg

Fire and ice have nothing on Angela Holguín and Soren Lund who first met as MBA students in exciting Barcelona. But their timing was off, until Destiny put them back in the same city: London; and their passion ignited.

Now Distance has come between them with Soren in Barcelona and Angela in Los Angeles. And now that Angela has a handsome new business partner, the stakes are even higher. Things come to a head when Angela and her partner travel to Barcelona for business and it is there where she will have to decide between the opposing forces that beckon. Will Soren’s offer of life in London pull her to Europe, or will her business–and the siren song of the sea–keep her rooted to Los Angeles?


BECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica

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How do you heal a broken heart?PaperbackCoverCOSTARICA_Landscape1.5spacing

Money is no comfort to real estate heir Soren Lund when he loses the woman he loves, so he flees his privileged life in London for a sleepy Costa Rican fishing village. There he finds peace, purpose, and the passion to follow his dreams, until a surfing accident threatens to end it all.

Rescued from Death’s door by the beautiful and mysterious Elena Sol, Soren lets her into his heart while trying to break down the walls around hers. And when a ghost from Elena’s past threatens their new happiness, he knows he must fight, or risk finding himself alone and adrift once more.


BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand

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In a different time. In a different place.PaperbackCoverNewZealand_Landscape_lighter1.5spacing

Soren Lund has found passion and purpose in Costa Rica, spending his days surfing and his nights in the bed of ex-pro surfer Elena Sol. But when Elena decides to reenter the pro circuit, their new relationship will be put to the test.

And when Soren’s professional opportunities beckon him to New Zealand, he decides to take Fate up on its offer and ends up encountering two women from his past who will make him question everything. The final chapter of BECKONED: slow burn, second-chance romance inspired by food, travel, and Jane Austen.


Knotty Naughty Bits Volume 1

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Have you ever just known?KnottyNaughtyBits_paperback

Remember the first time you met someone you loved? There was something there; a stolen look, a held breath, a frisson of electricity. This book is a collection of those tense, awkward, exciting moments when you have no idea where your feelings are taking you, but you are dying to find out! Featuring a diverse array of characters at different stages in their romantic entanglements. Fun, flirty, slow burn, this is Aviva Vaughn at her lightest. New characters as well as couples from her BECKONED series make an appearance in this first volume of “Tangled Romantic Shorts”.

From the Austrian Alps to the California Sierras, from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol to Portland’s Pearl District, Aviva’s seductive combination of food, travel, and Austen-esque relationships will draw you in and leave you wanting more.


Love on the Ropes (Book 1 in the Love in Action Series)

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He thought his life was perfect, and then she walked into the office.

Former TOPGUN pilot Clint Davenport is the newly-crowned prince of public radio now that he’s hosting America’s most popular drive-time show. The ladies can’t get enough of this Flying Ace, but he’s all out of runway for the fairer sex because of a tragedy that haunts him. But life is perfect, or at least that’s what he keeps saying. Until he finds himself on the ropes (literally) at a company retreat and the only person who can bring him in for a safe landing is his office frenemy, who seems as comfortable in a climbing harness as he used to be in an F-18.

At twenty-eight, Erin Hung was still living with her parents in Honolulu, so when her favorite cousin invited her to move to glittering Los Angeles, she made the leap. After four years, this late bloomer has blossomed. She owns her own condo in gorgeous Pasadena, has the love of a good male—her Shiba Inu, Atticus—and is the badass marketing manager for America’s #1 radio show. But she still has a lot to prove and is gunning for a promotion. She doesn’t have time for distractions, especially romantic ones…and there’s no way she’s interested in that cocky ex-fighter pilot who just got tapped as host. Unfortunately, working with Mr. Cockpit Cockypants is the only way to get her raise.

When work forces them together, it seems like the beginning of a new Cold War, or maybe Clint’s high-flying charm is just what Erin needs to see there’s more to life than just work. Aviva Vaughn’s seventh full-length novel, Love on the Ropes is a full-length standalone and book one in the Love in Action series, a spin-off of the BECKONED series.


Love on the Slopes (Book 2 in the Love in Action Series)


He left Hawaiʻi to find himself. But instead he found her…LoveOnTheSlopes_Ebook

There are three things you should know about Patrick Hung:

1 – At 32, he’s a former World Champion of surfing who wants to win one more title before he retires

2 – He’s a twin who hasn’t spoken to his sister in months

3 – He wouldn’t know what love looked like if it hit him in the face

Of course, it’s pretty hard to win a surf title if you aren’t anywhere near an ocean. Soul-crushing grief has made Patrick “head for the hills”, although mountains are more accurate. He’s licking his wounds in a small ski resort in California, teaching skiing during the day and drinking at night. Life’s good. (yeah right!)

There are three things you should know about Stella Walker:

1 – She works the overnight shift snow grooming, which has given her a healthy disdain for ski and snowboard instructors

2 – No one knows she’s in California

3 – She wouldn’t know what love looked like if it hit her in the face

When Patrick Hung comes into her life, she doubles down on hating snowboard instructors. The man is cocky, loud, and has women throwing themselves at him even though he smells like beer twenty-four-seven. But when he drunkenly confides to her why he’s really in Big Bear, she realizes they have a lot more in common than just their employer.

When their pasts catch up to them, will it leave them sitting in front of their fires solo, or will winter’s last storm bring the two of them Love On The Slopes?

Aviva Vaughn’s eight full-length novel, Love on the Slopes is a full-length standalone and book two in the Love in Action series, a spin-off of the BECKONED series.


Very Vega #1  (working title)

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