Cover Images and Body Types

LONDONIt’s been a thrill to hear from people that they love the cover of BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love. I love it too.

But for the record, my covers were a compromise based on a lot of factors and unfortunately, the biggest compromise I had to make was with Angela’s body.

Angela is a fit, athletic 5′-4″, size 8. She’s voluptuous and strong. She’s also multiethnic, with an Asian mother and a Latin father, and she’s not a make-up wearer.

I worked with my graphic designer and we SEARCHED and SEARCHED, but finding images that fit my description was IMPOSSIBLE.

The hurdles were many:
-If the ethnicity of the woman was right, the man was wrong and v.v.
-There weren’t enough photos of the same couple for 4 covers.
-Too much make-up…especially crazy long nails.
-Women were too slender to be Angela

These challenges were why we chose a black and white treatment for all the images, and why we cropped the models faces so they wouldn’t be recognizable, because there are THREE different couples used on my covers.

However, there is one thing about my covers that REALLY bugs me, and that is how skinny Angela’s arm looks on the BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love. My graphic designer was probably ready to throw me out of the car when I asked if she could make her arm thicker (she said “no”).


So when you look at my covers, please size up accordingly. LOL. You are beautiful!!!!

Wishing you love and romance,


Help me be able to afford to do a custom photo shoot for my next series by reading BECKONED! Part 1: From London with Love, will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on June 15, 2017.





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