Meet Angela Holguín

DOB: April 1973 (27-30 over the course of the series)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Appearance: 5’4″, Strong and voluptuous bod, long mahogany with a slight wave and vibrant, hazel eyes
Hobbies: dancing, traveling, food, Jane Austen
Motto: “No Regrets!”
Ethnicity: Born and raised in Los Angeles to American parents of Chinese–her mother–and Mexican–her father–ethnicity.
Famous People That Resemble Her: Angela has the friendliness, intelligence, and voluptuous bod of America Ferrera, but with the slightly more ethnically-ambiguous features and megawatt smile of Jessica Alba. You can see the range of looks that I put on my Pinterest Board for Angela Holguín.

In BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love Angela Holguín–her last name is Spanish and derived from the word “holgar” which means “to enjoy oneself”–is 28-years-old and heading to London for an adventure. Angela is the fun-loving and adventurous only-child of a successful dentist and his wife who runs a small, high-end catering business.

Angela studied Cultural Anthropology in undergrad, and is very interested in other cultures. She has just graduated from an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program and is starting a business writing culturally diverse children’s books.

She’s a strong, modern woman, figuring out how to negotiate the transition into full adulthood and how that affects her relationships with men. She has two BIG SECRETS in the form of past relationships, that color her relationships in BECKONED.





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