Meet Soren Lund

DOB: 1971 (29-31 over the course of the series)
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Appearance: 6’0″, broad shoulders and thickly-built legs, a mop of sandy-blond hair, and stormy blue eyes
Hobbies: being proper, wine, sailing, coffee
Motto: “Right action is its own reward.”
Ethnicity: Danish, he can trace his lineage back 12 generations
Famous People That Resemble Him: Soren is thickly-built like Chris Hemsworth, but I see him having a sweet face like Henry Cavill. Check out my Pinterest board.

In BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love Soren Lund is a first-year MBA student at the Barcelona Instituto de Negocios. The plan of law school in undergrad and business school for graduate school was preordained by his controlling father who expects Soren to take over the family business.

Soren comes from a super-wealthy–but not ostentatious–family who own huge tracts of real estate and wind-energy holdings in Scandinavia, however his passion is to start a boutique line of eco-resorts in pristine locations like Patagonia and Belize.

He’s not prone to strong emotions and has lived a very staid, predictable life…that is, until he meets Angela.





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