OMG I wrote Four F-ing Books!!!

I just have to add this post TODAY, the day that BECKONED, Part 4: From Barcelona with Love goes live.

I started this journey back in May 2016 without a CLUE how to get to the point that I’m at today…but I made it. Believe in your dreams!

Wishing you love and romance,


BTW, here is a little more about *why* I wrote BECKONED.

Dearest Potential Reader,

I wrote BECKONED for many reasons, but first and foremost, I wrote it to feature the kind of people I know: diverse, smart, complicated men and women. My heroines are strong and educated, and my heroes are polite and respectful. As an avid reader, I wanted to see characters that looked like me and my friends and reflect the world I want to see.

I also wanted to write a beautiful book. I consider BECKONED to be a modern story told in an old-fashion way with lots of metaphors and beautiful phrases, and where the sex is explicit but also elegant. So if you are a Word Nerd like me, then you will love BECKONED!

If you choose to embark on this journey with me, you–and your taste buds–will get to visit London, Barcelona, Bath, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. It will be a fun–and delicious–ride! There is even a recipe at the end of BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love.

BECKONED is a single story in four parts and should be read in order. The intimacy is steamy, but it is distributed throughout the books because of how Angela’s relationships change and deepen. If you are looking for SEX, it’s mostly in BECKONED, Part 3: From Los Angeles with Love. However, there are steamy bits sprinkled throughout all four parts.

Birthing BECKONED has truly been a labor of love, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Wishing you love and romance,

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