Courtney Milan and her #metoo moment

As a “happa”–that’s how we refer to those of us who are half-Asian, half-something else in Hawai’i–woman who was on the law track for a while, but then veered towards a different professional degree, I have always used the light that is Courtney Milan as a beacon to guide me and keep me sane on my author journey. Knowing that she exists, persists, and succeeded has lit my way on many a dark night, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

When I met her last year at my local RWA meeting, I had to keep myself from being all “fan girl” on her. She probably doesn’t even remember me, I was that restrained. As my author friends Mia Hopkins, Auden Dar, and Rebecca Forster can attest, I am RARELY soft spoken.
I knew of her law past, however, this New York Times piece gave me some new perspective that makes my heart ache for her, although those who don’t know her impact on romance might only mourn the loss to the legal system, I still think she is a bright light to all who know her.

The law’s loss has been romance’s gain, and how many women authors have been inspired by her to find a creative outlet or make a living, because of her?

Thank you for being brave Courtney, and for ensuring that future women lawyers are not ever exposed to the likes of Kozinski. Who knows, you may still have an impact on the legal system yet!
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