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COVER REVEAL: Love On The Ropes

Love on the Ropes (Book 1 in the Love in Action Series)

He thought his life was perfect, and then she walked into the office.

Former TOPGUN pilot Clint Davenport is the newly-crowned prince of public radio now that he’s hosting America’s most popular drive-time show. The ladies can’t get enough of this Flying Ace, but he’s all out of runway for the fairer sex because of a tragedy that haunts him. But life is perfect, or at least that’s what he keeps saying. Until he finds himself on the ropes (literally) at a company retreat and the only person who can bring him in for a safe landing is his office frenemy, who seems as comfortable in a climbing harness as he used to be in an F-18.

At twenty-eight, Erin Hung was still living with her parents in Honolulu, so when her favorite cousin invited her to move to glittering Los Angeles, she made the leap. After four years, this late bloomer has blossomed. She owns her own condo in gorgeous Pasadena, has the love of a good male—her Shiba Inu, Atticus—and is the badass marketing manager for America’s #1 radio show. But she still has a lot to prove and is gunning for a promotion. She doesn’t have time for distractions, especially romantic ones…and there’s no way she’s interested in that cocky ex-fighter pilot who just got tapped as host. Unfortunately, working with Mr. Cockpit Cockypants is the only way to get her raise.

When work forces them together, it seems like the beginning of a new Cold War, or maybe Clint’s high-flying charm is just what Erin needs to see there’s more to life than just work.
Aviva Vaughn’s seventh full-length novel, Love on the Ropes is a full-length standalone and book one in the Love in Action series, a spin-off of the BECKONED series. Love on the Ropes: diverse, slow burn, frenemies-to-lovers, workplace romcom.


  • Here’s what readers say about BECKONED.
    – “I found myself stealing away to read”
    – “This series has completely captured me”
    -”A vacation in a book!”
    – “Gives a new meaning to the word sizzling!”
    – “I cried two-and-a-half times”
    – “Singed my eyebrows and melted my kindle”
    – “Read in one sitting and left me wanting more”
    -“A rollercoaster ride of emotion”
    -“My favorite series this year!”

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