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Love on the Slopes (Book 2 in the Love in Action Series)

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He left Hawaiʻi to find himself. But instead he found her

There are three things you should know about Patrick Hung:

1 – At 32, he’s a former World Champion of surfing who wants to win one more title before he retires

2 – He’s a twin who hasn’t spoken to his sister in months

3 – He wouldn’t know what love looked like if it hit him in the face

Of course, it’s pretty hard to win a surf title if you aren’t anywhere near an ocean. Soul-crushing grief has made Patrick “head for the hills”, although mountains are more accurate. He’s licking his wounds in a small ski resort in California, teaching skiing during the day and drinking at night. Life’s good. (yeah right!)

There are three things you should know about Stella Walker:

1 – She works the overnight shift snow grooming, which has given her a healthy disdain for ski and snowboard instructors

2 – No one knows she’s in California

3 – She wouldn’t know what love looked like if it hit her in the face

When Patrick Hung comes into her life, she doubles down on hating snowboard instructors. The man is cocky, loud, and has women throwing themselves at him even though he smells like beer twenty-four-seven. But when he drunkenly confides to her why he’s really in Big Bear, she realizes they have a lot more in common than just their employer.

When their pasts catch up to them, will it leave them sitting in front of their fires solo, or will winter’s last storm bring the two of them Love On The Slopes?

Aviva Vaughn’s eight full-length novel, Love on the Slopes is a full-length standalone and book two in the Love in Action series, a spin-off of the BECKONED series.

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